Yoga, Movement & Me



My name is Claudia. I’ve been practicing yoga for about a year and a half. I have a background in dance and acting but stopped taking dance classes because they were too expensive and the pressure to have a dancer’s body was too much of a burden to bear. Yoga came into my life right when I needed it. I have found a deep connection to myself, my purpose and a community of loving and compassionate people through my journey so far.

At first I looked at yoga as a poor man’s dance class. (Terrible… I know). Before I really started to practice yoga, I saw it as a bunch of movements and nothing more. Then a year and half ago, I took a class; there was a moment where I felt something new. I felt okay.

I’ve suffered from eating disorders, depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember. But in that moment, those things that had plagued me weren't an issue. For some reason when my eyes were closed in hero’s pose, I felt content. I felt a connection between my body, breath and mind. It didn’t rid me of my depression but it was a relief to say the least. From then on I was hooked.

Claudia taking a Hot Yoga Class in NYC.

Claudia taking a Hot Yoga Class in NYC.

I have been teaching dance for over a decade and thought learning how to teach yoga could be the way that I give back to a community that gave me so much. Through that process, I found my strength and my purpose. Spreading the healing powers of yoga has been such an eye-opening experience to the potential that I have as well as the potential that I often times try to hide. I’ve learned that that’s what yoga is all about - being aware of yourself for who you really are and not just the “you” that the world sees. This investigation of self keeps me curious and keeps me on my mat and teaching whenever I can.

I am so grateful for this community and the honesty and vulnerability that we bring. I can’t wait to spread even more love and acceptance of self for all people no matter what body type or shade of skin. We all deserve the healing that yoga provides!

See you on the mat!

Find Claudia: @Claudiaayumi1