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Hello! My name is Cydney Tucker, but you can call me CYD. I’m a journalist, yoga instructor and the proud founder of Colors of Ohm. Originally from Jersey City, New Jersey—I’m very much what people would call a “city girl!” I love to explore, meet new people, and find a sense of community wherever I’m living. My background within the wellness space is not unlike most. I fell in love with yoga after being dragged to a Hot Yoga class by my best friend in New York. After an hour and a half of huffing, puffing and expressing how much I hated it, I walked home with an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation for sticking in something that made me uncomfortable. Over the following months I found myself slowly falling in love with yoga, not because of how I looked after doing hundreds of Chataranga’s, but the feeling that yoga left me with: confidence, strength, and mental clarity.

As I continued taking classes and other supplemental trainings, I realized that the people around me weren’t necessarily who I wanted to share these experiences with. I started combing social media for other yoga instructors and wellness educators of color, searching for people who also wanted to help others under the umbrella of wellness. I was amazed to see just how many people there are, from all over the world with a universal passion and enthusiasm for wellness--- and yet how disconnected we are.

I created Colors of Ohm as an opportunity to unify and grow together on a journey that is not meant to be traveled alone. I can’t wait to share this experience with each and every one of you!




Find CYD at: (@Cydlaine)