#COO Ambassadors: 

Finding His Inner Glow: A Path to Mindfulness

A Look at Harlem-Based Meditation Ambassador Kyle Somersall 

I’ve always had the urge to share what I was passionate about. If I found something exciting, it often came bubbling out of me through Facebook statuses, tweets, word of mouth, and direct messaging. In college, discovering and analyzing music was my jam. In many ways music still is very important to me. My desire to share things that I’m passionate about culminated into my company, my innerglow, which is a platform that combines creative expression and mindfulness.
I started meditating daily four years ago and it has since had a profound impact on my ability to manage my emotions, appreciate moments, trust my decisions, access creativity and extend compassion to myself and others. I felt compelled to contribute to the growth of a practice that had done so much for me. My hope moving forward is that I continue to be lead by what excites me.