#Coo Ambassadors: Sabrih

Connecting Dance and Yoga Through Movement and Breath


Favorite quote: " Thousands of candles can be lit from a single flame, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases from being shared." - Buddha

Favorite Yoga Pose: Dancer's Pose (lol)

Joy, openness, and freedom are all things that we might seek and want in this life. But how do we get there? 

I am sure you’ve heard the expression “Life is a journey, not a destination.” My personal journey started through dance. A movement of freedom where muscles and bones can take a path and direction that is not socially open in a classroom or office setting.  
You can do things like whip your hair or shake your ass. This freedom of movement allows so much more than that. It can expand your mind to grow beyond your own expectations. You can fly like superwoman or expand as large as a tree; even become small like a tiny ant on the earth. But how do we connect to our breath through the steps of dance?  More importantly, how to we peel back the layer of ourselves to access the true realms of our Atman “true self?”
I believe this is why I meet so many dancers in the yoga community. We might have found the missing piece. Living in the world of dance can sometimes bring you into this beautiful bubble with little reminder of breath. Yet the science of breath, pranayama, is the portal that connects our human bodies together.
Dancers can sometimes be stubborn, pushing ourselves beyond our limits. That’s why it is important to come back to the mat, bring our conscious into focus and use breath to guide us. If you’d like to connect yoga and dance, try using your creativity by altering a small arm or leg in your yoga sequence.
For example, from your warrior I, try bringing your arms by your sides in a fly away position and inhale to lift the back heel. Exhale to ground it back down into the mat. This is a way of transitioning from crescent lunge to warrior I and you can alternate your arms in creative ways to challenge your balance. You can draw stars with your fingertips or make waves with your arms- perhaps even bend and straighten the back leg.
From there, create fluidity in your movements so that you are trying new things. Think waves in the ocean or rolling from shape to shape. Remember that this is your body and your practice; there is no right or wrong way. Let it flow my friends and allow your breath to guide you from within.

Find Sabrih at: (@JoyShorty)