#What Does that Mean? Welcome to a tribe called coo


#Coo Ambassadors: Colors of Ohm Ambassadors are yoga teachers and healers in the wellness community who are part of the Colors of Ohm team. #Coo Ambassadors are the face of Colors of Ohm and leaders within their own communities, helping bring wellness to people of color near them. We have Ambassadors all over the country and internationally as well who are each interested in helping and connecting with all of your beautiful souls.  

Interested in being a #CooAmbassador?

Email us at: Colorsofohm@gmail.com, Subject Line: COO Ambassador

#Coo Tribe: Our Coo Tribe is also a major part of our family. These beautiful humans can either be wellness instructors or healers, or simply individuals interested in pursuing wellness opportunities and bettering themselves. Our "Open Letters from #COO," are written by members in our community who are interested in connecting with others and sharing their wellness journeys. 

Interested in being part of the #Coo Tribe? You already are!

Email us at: Colorsofohm@gmail.com, Subject Line: Coo Tribe Entry