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Amir Madison The Yoga Athlete

How Yoga Has Changed Him

I have found a significant increase in my range of motion, improvement in flexibility, increased speed, prevention of injuries, and overall enhancement in health, well­being, and mental awareness when yoga is incorporated into my training.

How He Started

Yoga became apart of my life after college, when I pursued my professional football career. It was one of the best decision I ever made for myself. 

His Favorite (Yoga) Style

The particular style that I take is the 26- postures +2, also know as Bikram. 

Using The Power of the Breath

Yoga fits into all aspects of my life. I've become more aware of my senses toward myself, knowing how to use my breath while I run in a more calm way. I've learned how to control my breath when my heart is beating a thousand miles per minute keeping my composure as I run. 


Yoga Extends Beyond the Breath

Not only has this helped me on the football field it has also help me through everyday life figuring out problems in a more conscious way. 

Amir's Favorite Yoga Pose

My favorite yoga pose is standing forehead to knee (DANDAYAMANA-JANUSHIRASANA) this is a pose where you must stay present. Wherever you are in this posture you must work where you're at. This posture is always about the journey never the destination. 

What I’ve learned through yoga is: pace yourself, don't burn yourself out. And know that every day is different, so your body and mind won't feel as great or the same as that other day, or bad. It's all about the journey

Find Amir at: (@amir_yogiathlete)