December’s Melana: A QTPOC Centered Wellness Event

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WHERE: Lululemon’s Hub Seventeen (114 5th Avenue, New York)

WHEN: Saturday, December 1, 2018 (2-6:00 pm)

WHAT TO BRING: Energy! (Good Vibes Provided)

TICKETS: (Click Here!)

CMJ is a collective of three queer, woman-identified black healers seeking to create a space for our communities. Cleopatra Zuli is a chef and hospitality expert who focuses on healing through food and education. Marisa Hall is a writer, artist, and yoga teacher who encourages her students to explore the possibility of healing through breath and movement. Jenna Wortham is a writer, journalist and Reiki practitioner who is dedicated to telling our stories and finding spaces (IRL and online) to hone and share her gifts. The three of them have come together to embody wellness holistically, with queer people of color top of mind, and will be hosting sessions and connecting dots all day long. 

Flora is an event meant to bring together the elements of all of our practices and bring in expert space-creators from our immediate community. Colors of Ohm, founded by Cydney Tucker, is a collective of teachers and practitioners who have worked to connect and empower people of color within wellness spaces. Dorion Shorts (of COO) will be guiding yoga classes throughout the afternoon.